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States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, Tas, NT, ACT

Canines for Wildlife provides services to a broad range of clients, including University researchers, State, Federal and Local government land management and NRM agencies, regional and local landcare, partnerships and environment groups, Aboriginal community land holders and managers.


Koala (Scats)

Feral Cat (Scat)

Bells Turtle (Live)

Black-Tailed Antechinus (Live)


Other Scents
Silver-headed antechinus (Live), Cane Toad (Live), Hastings River Mouse (Live)
My Experience

Canines for Wildlife provide professionally trained and assessed conservation detection dog teams for threatened species research, survey and management; invasive species detection and control. The team are experienced ecologists with decades of experience in threatened species and pest species research and management. The Canines for Wildlife team have been delivering canine conservation and ecological services for four years and have been working with canine conservation dogs for eight years.

Dog Information

Max English Springer Spaniel (working line):  Koala, Bell’s Turtle, Black-tail Dusky and Silver-headed Antechinus.

Ash English Springer Spaniel (working line) :Black-tail Dusky and Silver-headed Antechinus, Koala, Red-eared Slider Turtle.

Bunya English Springer Spaniel (working line): Cane Toad, Feral Cat scat, Bell’s Turtle, Red-eared Slider Turtle

Fenrir Border Collie (working line): Cane Toad, Feral Cat scat, American Foul Brood (trial)

Miki: Cocker Spaniel (working line): Hastings River Mouse


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