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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a forum that shares knowledge on the ethical and humane, evidence-based use of dogs to benefit Australasia’s natural environment.

Our Members

The network consists of some of the leading dog handlers, dog trainers, researchers and educators in Australasia. Members of the Australasian Conservation Dog Network include scientists from the La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Sunshine Coast, University of Sydney, University of Tasmania, The Australian National University and the University of Queensland.

Members also include leading professionals from private businesses and not for profit organisations across Australia, including Canidae Development, Canine Ecological, Canines for Wildlife, Carnarvon Canines, Detection Dogs for Conservation (USC), Elmoby Ecology, IFAW Australia, Padfoot Wildlife Solutions, Scent Dogs Australia, Skylos Ecology, Terrestrial Ecosystems, Zoos Victoria, Wildpro Conservation Dogs and more.

Advocates and Educators

As handlers and trainers we work to ensure dogs are a highly effective and efficient tool in data collection and conservation, and to help train up the next generation of conservation canines. As researchers, we work to test and establish best-practice methods for deploying conservation dogs into the field. As advocates and educators, we work to tell the stories of the conservation dogs, and the benefits they are providing to Australasia’s natural environment.

Some species our members have helped to conserve and eradicate include, but are not limited to:

Threatened Species

– Bells Turtle (NSW)  – Northern Quoll (QLD, NT, WA)  – Greater Gilder (Victoria)

– Black-Tailed Antechinus (Victoria)  – Little Penguins (Victoria)  – Tasmanian Masked Owl (Tasmania)

– Koala (Victoria, NSW, QLD)  – Baw Baw Frog (Victoria)  – Eastern-Barred Bandicoot (Victoria)  – Bilby (QLD, NT, WA)

Invasive Species

– Hawkweed  – Wild Dog  – Rabbit  – Alligator Weed

– Fox  – Mice  – Serrated Tussock  – Feral Cat  – Rat


Bi-monthly general meetings take place online. All members and nonmembers are welcome to join. Monthly executive committee meetings take place online, all members are welcome to join. To keep up to date with all our meetings, sign up to our mailing list:

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