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States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, Tas, NT, ACT

Koala (Scats)

Fox (Scats)

Bird (Carcasses)

Bat (Carcasses)

Wild Dog (Scat)

Tiger Quoll (Scat)

Alligator Weed (Live)

My Experience

Tracy has over 20 years of business management experience, including 15 years’ at National Parks land management agency Parks Victoria.  Tracy specialised in project management, natural values management, stakeholder engagement, community engagement, local port management, occupation health and safety, commercial operations and event management.

As a dog handler, Tracy was an operational Search & Rescue dog handler for 6 years.  Tracy held a position as an Australian Search Dog Framework working group member with the Federal Attorney General’s Department in developing a policy proposal on Search & Rescue dogs in Australia to the Federal Government.  More recently Tracy worked as a conservation detection dog handler, delivering on forestry, wind farm industry and predator control programs in Victoria.

Dog Information

OakleyOakley is currently trained on bird and bat carcasses for environmental impact surveys on wind farm sites.  In addition, Oakley successfully completed a alligator weed trial with Agriculture Victoria in April 2019 and will be continuing deployment on alligator weed projects in 2020.

Jimmy – Jimmy is trained for mortality surveys on wind farms, collecting bird and bat carcasses. He is also trained on both fox and wild dog scat, dens and scavenge sites.

RaasayRaasay is the latest addition to the Skylos Ecology team, having joined the pack in September 2019. She is currently a puppy in training and will be ready for deployment in 2020.

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