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Contact Information
Regional Victoria, Victoria
My Experience

Set to complete my  bachelor degree in Environmental Science in September 2021, I am also learning to train my dog in scent detection with the intention for further study and employment that incorporates conservation dogs. Previous extensive outdoor instructor and guiding experience, specializing in whitewater environments and extended expeditions both in Australia and Internationally (land and water based). I have a special interest in gender and minority group inclusivity, set to complete an additional gender studies minor with my current degree October 2021.

Dog Information

Freddie has recently arrived to my home and is now family. Koolie x Kelpie, desexed male, born April 2020. He learning the joy of having a forever home (took him a few goes before we found each other) and is working towards learning scent detection for conservation work as well as his Public Access Test (PAT) so he is busy enjoy adventures and fun in training.

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