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States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, Tas, NT, ACT

Agriculture Victoria

Elmoby Ecology

GE Renewable Energy

Riparian Restoraation Services

TILT Renewables


Koala (Scats)

Fox (Scats)

Bird (Carcasses)

Bat (Carcasses)

Wild Dog (Scat)

Tiger Quoll (Scat)

Alligator Weed (Live)

My Experience

I have been working as a Conservation Dog Handler in Australia for three years. I train and handle detection dogs for work across the biosecurity, conservation and industry sectors. I have worked on a variety of target scents for threatened species, predator control, invasive plant eradication and environmental impact survey operations. I am also the Vice President of the Australasian Conservation Dog Network.

I hold a Masters degree in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. My interest in the use of detection dogs for conservation led me to examine the behavioural effects of the dog handler on the performance levels of the trained detection dog for my thesis research paper; The effect of the detection dog handler on the performance levels of the trained detection dog. The role of the handler when using detection dogs for conservation work is of particular interest to me.

Previous to undertaking my Masters degree I received my joint honours bachelor degree in Film & Television Studies and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. After graduating I went on to work as a Researcher in the television industry for several years. Being a Television Researcher offered me the opportunity to marry my passions for wildlife and the creative arts by predominately working on Natural History productions for the BBC and National Geographic Channel.

Dog Information


Jimmy (4 years old)

Jimmy is a highly experienced conservation detection dog. He has been operational in national parks, private land (for native species re-introduction programs) and within public spaces. Jimmy has collected data on projects for Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI), Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Elmoby Ecology, GE Renewable Energy, Parks Victoria, TILT Renewables, Zoos Victori and Warrnambool City Council.

Jimmy’s scent repertoire: Fox scat, dens and scavenge sites. Wild dog scats, dens, and scavenge sites. Bird carcasses, bat carcasses (wind farm surveys).



Oakley (3 years old)

Oakley is currently trained on bird and bat carcasses for mortality surveys at wind farm sites. In addition, Oakley is also trained on the invasive alligator weed and has successfully worked for Agriculture Victoria in assisting with eradication efforts.

Oakley’s scent repertoire: Alligator weed. Bird carcasses, bat carcasses (wind farm surveys).




Raasay (puppy)

Raasay is the latest addition to the Skylos Ecology pack having joined the team in September 2019. Raasay is currently training for wind farm mortality surveys and will be ready for deployment mid 2020.


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