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191 George Holt Drive Mounbt Crosby, Queensland 4306
States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA

Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre – University of Queensland

Scenic Rim Regional Council

Logan City Council

Queensland Trust for Nature

Healthy Land and Water



Not for profit conservation groups


Urban Utilities

Sydney Water





Koala (Scats)

Fox (Live)

Fox (Scats)

Feral Cat (Live)

Feral Cat (Scat)

Other Scents
Leaking treated drinking water
My Experience

Bellden Environmental Services combines extensive natural resource management experience with the superior ability and speed of a trained detection dogs to find target scents in the natural and built environment. The dogs efforts are complimented with the use of today’s advanced technology in field data collection and image capture. Created in 2017 we currently deploy 2 dogs. One dog trained primarily on koala scat, fox and feral cat and the other on leaking treated drinking water. Our consultancy relies on over 20 years experience in natural resource management covering areas such as invasive species management at landscape scale, sustainable agriculture and empowering the community to improve the remnant natural environment on their land.

Other Species/Research Topics
Natural resource use and conservatiuon
Dog Information

Halo is a four year old English Springer Spaniel. Trained by Steve Austin, Halo is capable of searching for fox and feral cat – live, scat and dens. She is trained to locate koala scat. She is capable of finding leaking water unless there is a cat nearby !

Danny is a two year old Springer Spaniel. Initially trained by Steve Austin with the field work training completed in house. Danny is only trained to find leaking treated water in urban, peri urban and rural settings. 

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