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Western Australia
States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, Tas, NT, ACT

My clients have include Animals Asia Foundation (China/Vietnam rescue centres), Seaworld Australia, Animals Australia, Animals International, Princess Alia Foundation (Jordan), Taronga,  Western Plains and Auckland Zoos, Lion Nathan (XXXX Gold Beer Campaign, trainer of hero dog “Marlin”), Kennedy Miller Productions (Babe II) , Wild Things (USA), Alamo Tiger Rescue Centre (USA).


Koala (Scats)

Koala (Live)

My Experience

I graduated from the Exotic Animal Training and Management program in California, USA (majoring in Wildlife Education) in 1996. Since that time, I have worked as an animal trainer with different animal species such as African lions, tigers, servals, cheetah, Asiatic black bears, sunbears, Syrian brown bears, polar bears, elephants, marine mammals, dogs, pigs and a variety of other land mammals.

I have worked both in Australia and internationally (New Zealand, USA, China, Vietnam, Jordan) with a number of animal institutions, rescue and wildlife centres and film production companies. My primary role as Animal Training & Management Consultant is to evaluate current animal management and training systems, implement strategies and procedures to address behavioural and/or training concerns as well as integrate effective behavioural and environmental enrichment programs, design/renovate exhibits and enclosures and assist with staff development.

I am new to the world of scent detection but have had a keen interest in this field for a long time. I am working with a newly adopted dog and hope to get a second rescue dog to join us on this journey. I am based in Perth, WA however will aim to deploy the dogs in the next six months in the eastern states.

Dog Information

I have adopted a male 2 and 1/2 year old Lagotto Romagnolo to begin training in conservation scent detection.

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