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Contact Information
PO Box 534 Yarra Junction, Victoria 3797
States Available to Work In
NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, Tas, NT, ACT

Parks Victoria, DELWP, Department of Defence, Alpine Resorts Management Board, Municipal Councils, Victoria Police, Department of Agriculture (Federal), other corporate and individual clients.


Fox (Live)

Fox (Scats)

Bird (Carcasses)

Deer (Live)

Feral Cat (Live)

Feral Cat (Scat)

Rabbit (Live)

Wild Dog (Live)

Wild Dog (Scat)

Rodents (Live)

Feral pigs (live)

Feral goats (live)

Feral horses (live)


Other Scents
Mustelids, Cattle. Blood tracking of injured, wounded animals.
My Experience

Our company has earned and enjoys an excellent reputation over the past 35 years as providers of highly professional, specialist services and consultancy in all areas of wildlife and animal damage control.


Our expert staff provide the highest quality professional services, consultancy and training in all aspects of wildlife and animal damage control. Wildpro experts are currently engaged in training and instruction of personnel involved in vertebrate pest animal control (trapping, shooting, live capture, fumigation and poisoning and the use of conservation/detector dogs and Wild Animal Control (WAC) dogs).


“Wildpro” specialises in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of integrated wildlife and animal control programs. These provide the client with a problem free, total pest animal management service.

Species/Research Topic
Fox, Feral Cat, Rabbit, Wild Dog
Dog Information

We have a number of trained dogs and handlers for specific tasks/odours. Please contact us for details.

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