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Contact Information
8 Applewood Way, Victoria 3064
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My Experience

I have a Biologic Sciences Bachelor Degree and Wildlife Management Masters. Have been working with DELWP since 2009, on a mix of implementation of conservation projects, threatened species and wildlife policy. I am experienced and enthusiastic about field work, always trying to find opportunities to get out by volunteering on projects or supporting DELWP communications team by producing material (mainly photos).   

I am a long-term dog owner, curious about positive reinforcement but not too experienced in training. I currently have a three years old, super enthusiastic Border Collie that maybe can be trained for conservation jobs.   

Dog Information

Luna is a Border Collie born in Oct 2008 and was rehomed to me in April 2020. She is very playful and enthusiastic dog, 100% ball obsesed, has a keen nose and seems very responsible to training.


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