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My background is in behavioural ecology with a research focus on marine mammals. I worked in academia and government for 10 years on a broad range of species and locations including with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Endangered Species Program, Weddell seal research at McMurdo Base Antarctica (US Antarctic Division), and I have also lectured and demonstrated field practicals for LaTrobe University’s zoology department on species from insects to higher order vertebrates.

I then moved into supporting industry projects, primarily mining, in addressing impacts associated with large development projects…. working to identify mitigation and management measures on biodiversity.

I began engaging with conservation dog handling because I believe in the opportunities in application to development projects. I am working to build my conservation and industry impact skills into the earlier part of my ‘pre-career’ when I worked with dogs and training captive pinnipeds prior to completing my PhD.

Dog Information

Quinn is my current dog in training. She was born 22-Apr-2021. Border Collie.

Currently working with Quinn on Kong to develop her skills until we identify a target odour/species for us to work on.

Quinn started her training August 2021, at 17wks old.

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